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AnCon Bio-Services

Mission Statement

AnCon Bio-Services is the marketer of an unique biological/microbial technology for growing plants, "PROBIOTICS".  To support this technology AnCon Bio-Services is the distributor of products that support PROBIOTICS and the manufacture of a new class of fertilizers, "Probiotic". Even though Probiotic Fertilizer contains no manure, compost or sewage sludge it can be used in many cases in conjunction with these products to improve and synergize their use. AnCon Bio-Services has developed this technology (patented and patents pending) for applying these products to naturally promote optimal plant growth with the minimal use of pesticides.  AnCon Bio-Services was founded on the principle of providing commercial, state, federal and residential property owners a safe and purposeful option to be used to in some situations as an alternative and/or a beneficial addition the genetic engineering, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers approach.  AnCon Bio-Services promotes the concept of balance and strongly believes that the use of "PROBIOTICS" in the proper places can be ecologically beneficial.  Our programs are environmentally safe and support and reestablish our world's vitally important biological/microbial systems where needed in a cost effective manner.